Printmaking Playground

Printmaking Playground!
Bold and whimsical designs printed on paper and fabric

There’s nothing quite like carving out a design on a solid surface, applying a layer of ink and then pulling a print. It’s always a delightful surprise!

My favorite materials include soft rubber and wood. I print my designs onto paper and also fabric, where they add more color and whimsy to my one of a kind fiber art creations.

Recently I’ve begun to experiment with screen printing, using Versatex water-based screen printing ink. I’ve included a few images here in my gallery page and look forward to incorporating more of my designs into my messenger quilts, prayer flags and print collections.

The common thread that weaves through my art is my delight in the world I see around me. My prints include birds, fish, cats, dogs, trees, flowers, houses, words and slices of pie!

I’ll be adding my printed designs (on both fabric and paper) to my Messenger collection in my Moxie Shop soon!