Embellished Moxie Power Cuffs

Embellished Moxie Power Fiber Cuffs

 These one of a kind embellished fiber art cuffs are made from a wealth of ingredients, starting with a base of colorful felted wool.  They are lined with colorful 100% cotton and machine stitched together to ensure a soft, comfortable fit.
Next, I select a special “power” word or phrase and apply it to my own hand painted fabric which is stitched to the wrist side of the cuff.
For cuffs I select the perfect button, pearl snap or focal embellishment to grace the top. After these elements are in place, I lovingly hand embellish the Moxie, one bead, charm and ’doo-dad’ at a time until the whole piece is a-glow with sparkle and positive intention!

These Moxies are ready to ship – and you can also design your own Embellished Moxie Power Cuff here!

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