Delight Detective Frances Clements Fawcett with her giant collaged numbers at Yes and Yay HQ

I am a DIYer, inspiration specialist, connector of dots, agent of play and creativity sleuth extraordinaire.
My aliases include:

a collection of hand carved stamps by Frances Clements Fawcett

Fiber Artist and Maker of Marks

I create happy, colorful art that reflects the love I feel for the world around me. Surface design and printmaking are my passion and you'll find many of my hand carved images printed and stitched onto colorful hand-painted fabrics of my Messenger Quilts and Prayer Flags.

Moxie Power! Message Creator

My biggest passion is creating and sharing my Moxie Power Fiber Art Messengers with all who understand the importance of keeping our most encouraging thoughts front and center.

To find out more and begin or add to your collection, kindly zip over to my Moxie Power shop!

Shine On_A Moxie Power Sparkle Cuff by Frances Clements Fawcett
Frances on the table at her felted slipper playshop

Playshop Hostess

Inviting people to gather, relax, create and play is my role as your play-shop hostess. And sometimes I hop up on the table!

To find out more, please head on over to my Playshop page.

...and Delight Detective!

Delight Detectives believe that love, creativity, playfulness, generosity and humor are essential ingredients for inviting more YES and YAY moments into our lives. We believe that our Universe is Friendly and we adore Sowing Seeds of Delight wherever we go, employing a zillion different disguises and methods.

Frances Says Yes!

Do we share similar aliases?

Hooray! I'm happy that we've found each other! I think you'll agree that our Universe needs as many delight detectives as possible! Please hop over to my blog to find a mix of essays, links and images that chronicle my creative journey and highlight people, places, events and curiosities that make us smile, marvel and chortle in delight. And be sure to join our friendly conversation!

frances and her first triange pose at age 4

Here are a few more clues about me

As the youngest of 6 (with five wonderfully creative siblings), and daughter of two encouraging, generous parents, I inherited extra large doses of my family's "CREATE and PLAY" genes.

My 'create and play' aliases include:

Self-supported bicycle tourist, thanks to my best friend and husband Jeff.   We've ridden through many beautiful areas and met friendly folks  everywhere.  Our pedaling mantra? One mile, one cookie at a time

Frances and Jeff summit Trail Ridge Road on their cross country bicycle trip
Frances happy hula hooping

Hula hooping enthusiast!  I love everything about twirling this colorful piece of plastic and am always learning something new as I spin around Yes and Yay HQ.  I even spin inside...and so far I haven't broken anything!

Funky jam-band music lover (who gamely tried to make "Birds of a Feather" costumes for my friends for a Phish Halloween show).  I adore dancing to live music and you can find me kicking up my heels in the sunshine at outdoor venues, though usually not in costume!

Frances and birds of a feather costume

Founding Member of the Glue Stick Society* 

See those giant numbers I'm posing with at the top of the page? They are super sized examples of Glue Stick Society hi-jinx! You'll find more scoop at the bottom of the page at the *.


Yes & Yay Universe Ringleader! I share my colorful world (and most of my art supplies) with my talented husband and best friend, Jeff, plus our sweet Australian Shepherd, Bella. We both enjoy collaborating, designing and making lots (and lots) of things from scratch**.

Here's Jeff

Whew - I think that is quite enough about me!  If I reveal much more I will have blown all of my disguises and covers! I am much more interested in learning about you, and this is where my "connector of dots" alias comes in!

I adore asking questions, sharing photos and ideas and most importantly connecting with interesting, lovely friends from all over the you!

Please contact me to say hello via any (and all) of my Friendly Universe hangouts.  You can find me here on my website and blog, plus Instagram, Pinterest and Ravelry.

Thanks so much for visiting my About page!

You win a Gold Star and are now deputized to deliver even more delight to our universe!

I look forward to seeing your creative sparks in our Universe.  Here's to creating each day with love and joy.

In Delight!



PS) My favorite words are Play, Sparkle, Love and Focus!

..and I love asterisks!

*  Baffle! Delight! Entertain:
the Glue Stick Society

Armed with nothing more than a glue stick and a recycle too can create and send all sorts of heart-felt or nonsensical, delight-filled missives to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and strangers.

There is nothing quite like receiving a Glue Stick society note in your mailbox.  Please contact me if you're interested in learning more about this mysteriously delightful group and how to join us.

** Word Play!

I researched the phrase 'made from scratch', and discovered the venerable Evan Morris, an expert word sleuth (and total delight!) over at  The Word Detective.  If you love word play, you will enjoy your visit!