Hi, I'm Frances, welcome to Yes and Yay HQ!

I create Moxie Power Messengers: artful designs combined with uplifting words to delight, inspire and encourage colorful and creative lives...like yours!

My Mission is Delight!

You'll find love and delight tucked into every corner of my colorful website oasis...and here are a few highlights you won't want to miss:

Sky Blue Moxie Fiber Art Bracelt with Vintage Bakelite Button

This is the home of the one and only Moxie Power Fiber Art Cuff Bracelet!

Created to delight and inspire, Moxie Power cuffs are colorful fiber art bracelets that are chock full of positive intention.

Think of them as your petite and beautiful messengers that offer you an affirmative power boost each time you put them on.

Designing custom cuffs  with your personal power messages is my specialty!

Moxie Power cuffs come in several styles: Glittery Colorful Sparkle Power Cuffs and my fancier Special Edition Sparkle Cuffs, plus custom felt Embellished Moxie Power Fiber Art Cuffs.  Zip on over to my Moxie Shop to design and order a custom Moxie Power cuff for you and your loved ones.....and you'll also find Moxie Power Shop Gift Cards to purchase and share!

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Come on over to my Playshop page and discover the low-stress/high-fun art making experiences I love to create for people just like you, (yes I serve treats!)

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May the art and 'messages' you discover here spark more light and delight in your life and energize your own creative journey.

In Delight and Gratitude,